Student recruitment

We partner with you to help you achieve the expected benchmarks of quality and the target of enrollments that you may have in any given year.

Our approach:
  • We believe that the process and the selection criteria must mirror the vision, expectations, course requirements and be compliant to regulatory policies
  • A well design selection process can go a long way in creating a better brand and word-of-mouth for the institution
  • We believe that the right software applications to record, analyse and report data should be considered to sharpen yours efforts for student recruitment
  • The quality of communication with students in any form or channel plays a critical role in converting prospective applications to registered students
  • Sincerity and uncompromising commitment to the student’s best interest can go a long way in achieving the goals while staying true to the overarching brand of the institution
Our services:
  • Strategy and planning:
    • Work out the realistic targets and quality benchmarks based on thorough analysis of the outreach and admissions efforts of the previous year, the strength and limitations of the offering and team
    • Co-create the strategy and execution plan for with a clear definition of the class profile that needs to be achieved
    • Define the engagement plan over the entire period from where the student commences writing the application to her final arrival on campus
    • Develop or refine the selection criteria and processes and the scholarship metric


  • Execution:
    • Anchor the design and refinement of the selection criteria and detailed admissions process
    • Hand-hold the execution of the sequence of effort leading to submission of applications, organizing the interview experience, communication of decisions, securing acceptances and ensuring retention
    • Oversight and support the scholarship award process
    • Provide training and guidance to team on nuances of engagement with students and other influencers in the decision making process for the student