Student Life and Welfare

As a team we have had opportunities to script and operationalize the student life environment for early stage institutions. We bring in a range of our experiences as students and administrators in both Indian and international institution to create innovative and empowering environments.

Our approach:
  • Every institution has its own context the design of student life environment should incorporate that uniqueness
  • A well designed residence life experience can go a long way in enhancing the academic and co-curricular learning of the students and should be treated as seriously as academic life on campus
  • Inter-institutional associations should be considered proactively by new institutions as they are still building the minimum volume of students to create a vibrant social life
  • Extra-curricular life of students leaves a lasting impact on the minds of students and ends up defining their memories and impressions of the institution
  • Administrators should play the role of facilitators with a goal to empower the students to run the function on their own
Our services:
  • Creating the overall structure that will organize the student life and its engagement with the university administration
  • Create specific protocols for ensuring smooth transitions of new students with a special focus on international or minority communities or students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Ensure that all support services like medical, insurance, emergency response and so on have been organized for efficiency and in a student friendly manner
  • Help create the first Student Representative Body and guide them in creating the operating protocol for different aspects of residential life like sports and fitness, cultural and creative activities
  • Guide the creation of clubs and their operating rules and regulations including election mechanism, code of conduct, annual event calendar creation, involvement of faculty/management, grievance redressal mechanism among other things.
  • Guide the university administration and Student Body to create different awards, recognitions, annual events that will become the core of the tradition of the institution over the years