Process design

Academic institutions can be complex environments given the diversity of internal and external stakeholders that they have to work with. Our experience in building green-field institutions and administering them allows us to offer a range of services related to design and implementation of academic or administrative processes.

Our approach:
  • Well designed processes can go a long way in creating the right experience, brand and helps us create a more cohesive environment
  • Every process should have mechanisms for feedback and continuous improvement
  • Processes should be designed with the active participation of those who will adopt and implement it
  • Continuous review and change is the hallmark of any progressive institution
  • The right technology can play significant role in ensuring the integrity and oversight over any process
Our services:
  • Process mapping: We support your team by mapping the entire process, end to end, and identifying the gaps, pain points or lapses while finding practical solutions for them.
  • Designing processes: Our team can design processes from the very start. Further, we may even be able to pre-empt possible follow up situations, and provision for the solution required to problems in those situations.
  • Tech-implementation and integration: We help your team identify processes or sections of processes that can be enabled on a technology backbone and work with our associate firms to design the system
  • Standard operating procedure: Our team will design and document the SOPs for all processes and ensure its implementation and review