Our Approach

We believe that our success is defined by how we can enable your success.

Our experience as a team, which has conceptualized, built, scaled up and administered educational institutions, tells us that we have to go beyond the traditional models of consulting and project management to be effective in supporting or building meaningful institutions and business ventures in education.

The core of our engagement strategy is defined by not being on the ‘outside’ but immersing ourselves completely in the unique context of every client. We spend a significant portion of our time researching and understanding the nuances of your context, its participants and dynamics between them and the true nature of the problem that you may want to solve. We engage with you deeply and help you visualize and articulate your goals, prepare and execute the most fitting and realistic plans to achieve them. We become a part of your team to ensure that we co-lead the execution of all plans that we propose.



The name of our company is derived from the core philosophy of Confucius who defined Ren as “wishing to be established himself, seeks also to establish others”.

Our team