International collaborations

We have secured top quality international collaborations for institutions who are keen to associate with leading institutions of the world to learn and create new opportunities for students and faculty members on both sides.

Our approach:
  • Develop a common understanding of the value that you hope to derive from such associations while we help you identify what your institution could contribute to such partnerships
  • Starting with our own networks we identify and engage with the right prospects that may be uniquely suitable for your institutional goals
  • Create ‘real’ partnerships that bring new opportunities for both institutions
Our services:
  • Identification of the most suitable prospects
  • Develop the case and pitch for seeking such associations
  • Represent your institution in opening up engagements
  • Facilitating discussions and visits
  • Developing the Memorandum of Understanding
  • Securing the final collaboration and media benefits
  • Facilitation of ongoing implementation of the terms of engagement