Identifying new opportunities and market entry

The REN team draws on its experiences of interacting with over 50,000 students and 800 academic institutions in the country to help you understand the opportunities for your new idea and also refine those ideas if required.

Our approach
  • We are rooted in rational research methods where user and key stakeholders are the starting point of our analysis
  • We look for a real problem that can be solved with the idea or a version of it
  • We stay away from force fitting merits of an idea and let the research guide us
  • We believe in the power of great teams and how new markets can be created with new ideas and a driven team
  • We are always cautious of an idea that may be trying to ride a popular trend in the market
Our services
  • Research
    • Designing the research framework to test the feasibility of your idea and goals
    • Execute the research phase through a combination of focussed groups, interviews, surveys and general research and analytics
    • Provide a comprehensive report of research findings


  • Develop the idea
    • Anchor a brainstorming to uncover the true opportunities for your idea and also realise refinements for your idea
    • Test out the final idea


  • Pre-launch planning
    • Work out the scale and impact of the idea and provide you a nuanced sense of the opportunity
    • Provide the first outline of how the idea can be taken to the market


  • Taking the idea to the market
    • Building the core team
    • Developing the detailed strategy and plan for market entry
    • Hand-holding the execution of the plan, as required