Governance and organisational design

Governance and organizational structures play the most defining role in shaping the identity, culture and success of any institution. The challenge is compounded when institutions grow in scale and reputation from a start-up to a full-fledged organization.

Our approach
  • Governance structures should be unique to every institution and should be co-created by the stakeholders of the school
  • They are to be compliant with regulatory norms of the land while factoring for the unique requirements of a new institution
  • Structures and processes should be flexible and allow for continuous feedback and improvements
Our services
  • Foundation of research:
    • Build a complete ‘context map’ of the institution with respect to commonly understood goals, challenges, strengths values and views on governance and institutional culture thorough research and interactions with internal stakeholders
    • Conduct an external research to learn about best practices and emerging norms of leading and comparable institutions in the domain by meeting leaders and representatives from these institutions
    • Bring about a common understanding among key stakeholders about what is learnt from this research phase


  • Development:
    • Develop the most workable governance structure rooted in the unique context of the school iteratively with key stakeholders
    • Develop organizational structures and basic code of conduct
    • Define specific operating processes, job descriptions, systems and performance standards


  • Implementation:
    • Oversee the implementation of the structure and processes
    • Revise processes and structures if required