Establishing new institutions

If you are an educational institution which is currently in the conceptualization or planning phase, REN can partner with you to offer the below services.

Concept and idea development:
  • Develop a vision and blueprint for the institution
  • Create a project plan with defined short-term and long-term goals
  • Ensure regulatory requirements are integrated into the setup plan of the institution from the very beginning
  • Develop the feasibility report with market assessment, budget and financial projections and funding plan (debt, equity, philanthropic)
Pre-launch planning and groundwork for setup:
  • Build the fund-raising pitch and assist in raising funds (debt, equity, philanthropic)
  • Assist the creation of a core-projects team and the infrastructure development team (architects, project managers, contractors and key vendors) and facilitate a design of the Master Plan and the campus development schedule
  • Develop a distinct brand positioning and brand identity in partnership with a design firm
  • Create a marketing, outreach and and communications strategy and student recruitment plan
  • Assist in securing regulatory approvals by ensuring the fulfilment of all requirements and guiding inspection processes
Run-up and go-to-market:
  • Define the launch targets and hand-hold the projects team in executing the setup of the campus infrastructure and go-to-market plan
  • Design and guide the implementation of the initial processes for admissions, reporting and communication with different stakeholders
  • Design an organization structure suited to the long-term goals of the institution
  • Define key academic and administrative processes for the institution including financial management, regulatory compliances, recruitment, audits
  • Help recruit the initial team of faculty and administrative staff members
  • Script the plan and schedule for student-life management and campus experience
  • Commission essential services (hostel, housekeeping, security, dining and so on)
  • Guide different teams and define the operating standards
  • Hand-hold the creation of the Founding Class and commencement of the first academic session